Export Mac 1Password Database to a PC on Thumb Drive?

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I have a Mac at home and a PC at work, both with 1P installed. My office is ok with 1P but restricts access to iCloud and Dropbox. I'd like to copy my 1P home database onto a thumb drive so I can update my 1P at work. Can I do that? If so, what file should I copy from my Mac to the thumb drive and how would I import it onto my 1P at work? Thanks.


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    Hi @wi3‌

    Do you currently sync your vault(s) at all? If you do and you use iCloud it will be problematic but for the other options you should be fine.

    • If you currently sync using Dropbox then all you would want to do is copy the .agilekeychain folder(s) to your pen drive from Dropbox.
    • If you syncing via Wi-Fi or not syncing then I would recommend Folder Sync and pick a suitable location but not your pen drive. You want a location that is always available as 1Password isn't happy if the location or the agilekeychain isn't available. Then like above you would simply copy it to your pen drive.

    Now in theory you should be able to copy the agilekeychain the other way too if you made changes at work but to keep things simple I'd suggest keeping it a one way street if you can. Dropbox helps take care of synchronising and conflicts and I don't know if that holds true if you drop a new agilekeychain over the old one.

    As for how to get it to work on your work PC, all you need to do is simply open the .agilekeychain using File > Open 1Password Vault based on my understanding of our page on Sharing a vault.

    If you have any questions do please ask :smile:

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