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    I am a new user - just bringing up 1P on new iMAC. Using Citibank website for test/learning. I can not get 1P to log me onto the Citi site. I have a simple password to test with. I know the password is correct in 1P, but it will not fill in! When I save the logon/password into 1P, and then try to logon to the site - I get an error page which wants me to enter my password - I do this, and I can enter the site. This password is the one in 1P, so it is some kind of sequencing problem. Any help will be appreciated. The logon web page I am using is..https://www.citi.com/credit-cards/creditcards/CitiHome.do - and I am using CHROME Version 39.0.2171.95 (64-bit)

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    Hi @SSALTWICK‌ Does this thread help at all?

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