Put my dropbox onto 'nifty drive' now it doesn't sync the 1password.agilekeychain

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Put my dropbox onto 'nifty drive' on my mac air, now it doesn't sync the 1password.agilekeychain

The nifty-drive is a flash card used for extra storage on the air laptop. So my sync file is now volumes>niftydrive>dropbox>1password.agilekeychain

But now it can't sync with my iPhone, other air laptop ... leaving my laptop useless. Any advice? What can I try?


  • hawkmoth
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    Have you confirmed that you are, in fact, syncing the file to the Dropbox servers, probably by going to the Dropbox web interface to see what is there?

  • thightower
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    Did you tell the Dropbox application to start using this location (Mini Drive) as its data repository ? If all you did was move your Dropbox folder through Finder then problems should already be evident. Make sure and move the data location from within the application and or upon initial setup.


    If you did process the move through the application then most likely files are still processing.

    Many of your files may be uploading and or processing during the move, to check the status. Hover over the Dropbox icon on your computer and look for a tool tip etc alt you can click the icon and look for details in the pop up.

    How to tell when Dropbox is synced with the server

    What do the various icons mean

    How do I know when Dropbox is syncing

    Also note sometimes Dropbox will not restart automatically, if its not in your menubar simply launch it from the applications folder.

    One word of caution from a fellow Nifty Mini Drive user. Data read and write speeds can be a lot slower than your standard hard drive. It could take a fair amount of time for the app to process the change. Just be patient.

  • Megan
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    Hi @toobusyforthiskrap‌

    I'm so sorry to hear that you're having trouble here. I hope that the suggestions provided by Hawkmoth and Thightower have helped! I'm not familiar with Nifty drive, but I can tell you that generally we recommend keeping your sync file on your local drive - 1Password will warn you if it cannot access the sync file at any point. So, if you frequently remove the Nifty drive from your Mac air, you might hear some protests from 1Password.

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