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While doing Dec 31st work, which is: changing passwords, I noticed that I have A LOT of filevault-, sparsebundle-, and other encrypted-container data saved in the database-category. But there are a lot database-related data, too.

It would be really, really, really great, to have one more category "encrypted containers" (or so), where one could save login/password-data of these volumes and containers.

On the other hand, it would be really great to have an option to deactivate (or at least: not show) unused categories.

Thank you, and a Happy New Year to the whole team behind 1P!


  • Megan
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    Hi @mkalina,

    Thanks so much for the suggestion! Categories is something we're hearing a lot about, whether it's "add this category!" or "this category is useless!" and we're looking into how to make these more powerful and user-friendly for you all in the future. I'm happy to pass your thoughts along to the development team.

    And a happy new year to you as well!

    ref: OPM-1643

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