Bug Report: 1pw5 locks up when attempting to export all in 1pif format

Richard Dickison
Richard Dickison
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I have an old Mac with 1PW3 and a new Mac with 1PW5. I want to export the 1PW5 data (iCloud) in 1pif format so I can import it into the older 1PW3. But when I attempt to export it in pif format, 1PW locks up and I have to force quit to do anything again with 1PW. It will export as csv, but then the import into 1pw3 doesn't work well.

I have Yosemite 10.10.1

1Password Version 5.0.2 (502006)
Mac App Store


  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @Richard Dickison

    When you say it locks up can you say at what stage this is happening please, this will assist us in pinning down the issue.

    We do have a bug report that may apply here. If what you're finding is the export window isn't responding to clicking the Save button then I've found pressing the return key allows you to proceed. Could this be what you're experiencing?

    If you want to keep the two copies of 1Password in sync in the future as well you can do so using Dropbox, it depends on your goals. Let us know and we can help with that if it's something you wish to do.

  • Good idea/memory, @littlebobbytables‌. It was indeed the Mac App Store 5.0.2 build that was affected by the Export save button bug.

  • bigbearmom
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    YES! This is exactly what I needed and works perfectly. Import and Export work if you use the Enter/Return key on my MacBook Pro instead of trying to use the screen "Save" button.

  • I'm glad to hear that worked for you, @bigbearmom. :)

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