How to save passwords for apps?

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Hi! I'm 12 hours into 1Password use, so forgive my obvious question: I can't figure out how to save passwords for apps like iTunes or Skype. Is there any way to do that without cutting and pasting? Even better, is there a shortcut on iPhone/iPad? Thanks!


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    Hi @SusanD‌

    Unfortunately there isn't a way to integrate 1Password directly into apps like that. I believe one of the older versions did but we're try to ensure we're compliant with good coding practices and not to fall foul of unofficial methods. That way we can't get caught out if something unofficial changes. That's my understanding anyway.

    So cutting and pasting is the only option at the moment for applications like iTunes and Skype. For my Apple ID I have it stored as a login item as there are a few Apple web sites that make use of it.

    On your iOS device, if you're running iOS 8 and it's a compatible iOS app you can log into the app using our 1Password for iOS extension. That does require the app being aware of 1Password though and if it isn't you're reduced to using cut and paste again.

    Sorry it isn't a better response. The default action if you hover over a username or password though is to copy so it's just a click followed by ⌘⇥ (cmd + tab) to switch back to the other program. I used to do that a lot when I was a 1Password 3 user and loyal to the Opera browser (which didn't have an extension at the time).

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