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When I add a new software license, the version field is not populating. It has in past 1PW I missing something? With regards to the version field, is there a way to have it auto-update when I install a newer version?


  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @bpwhistler‌

    I had to go visit a couple of the older versions to find that one. It turns out 1Password 3 did pick up the version number. Now 1Password 4 was a complete re-write from 1Password 3 so a lot changed and not all the functionality made it back in. Some features may still but that is explaining what you're observing. So at the moment it won't auto-fill or auto-update the version.

    Auto-updating the version might be problematic though. Not from a technical point given the 1Password 3 could source the information but more if it would be wise. I have 2/3 versions of one particular piece of software, each with different licence keys. Given I've paid for the older versions I certainly don't want to throw them away and obviously I don't want the version number to change. That would be my one hesitation for an auto-update feature.

  • MikeT
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    Hi guys,

    @bpwhistler, it does exist in 1Password 4 and 5 but you have to drag the app into the item list of Software Licenses. We can't do it when you create a Software License item manually because of sandboxing, which doesn't allow us to leave our own app folder to scan the Applications folder. It's the same reason for the auto-updating the version.

    If you drag the app into the item list, 1Password will create a new item with the version and icon filled in. This works because it is a user-action, rather than an app-action, which automatically bypasses the sandboxing restriction.

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