Sharing 1Password with my Spouse

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I have read the instructions on setting up a new vault to share with family but I don't like the file being stored on Dropbox. When you save a file to Dropbox is the file encrypted?

I would rather that my husband and I shared all the same passwords under the same 1Password account. Is there any reason that this would not work?

When I currently sync my 1Password account I do this in the method called "File". I understand that this means the file is stored on my computer and is encrypted. Is this the very safest way to sync passwords?

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  • hawkmoth
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    I can't answer all of your questions, but I can say with confidence that your data is encrypted and is protected by the same strong password you have chosen for your local installation. So if you have a strong master password, your data is just as safe on Dropbox as it is on your local machines.

    If you are worried about how well your master password protects your data, be sure to read the blog post here, Toward Better Master Passwords.

  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @ttw‌

    If you were to state how many vaults you want to have and what devices each would be shared between we can certainly inform you of your choices.

    For example:

    • If you wanted to share a vault or vaults just between Macs you could use Folder Sync.
    • If you wanted to share a single vault between Macs and iOS devices you can use a combination of Folder Sync and Wi-Fi Sync

    For the moment though, sharing secondary vaults with iOS devices does require Dropbox. I believe we're making progress in the betas regarding Wi-Fi sync but when and if are two questions I don't have answers to.

    No matter where your vault is stored though it is encrypted, that's regardless if you don't sync at all, the platform in question or the sync method.

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