Hint displays password in Dropbox sync setup

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I may have omitted setting up a hint for my secondary vault, but on the initial sync with my wife's iPhone, it asked for the vault password and showed the complete password AS the hint! is there any way, short of deleting the vault and rebuilding it, that I can just give this vault a hint?


  • hawkmoth
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    I've never found a way to adjust the hint, once it's entered. I agree that it would be good to be able to do that. You will get a chance to enter a new hint if you change the password. That would keep you from having to establish a new vault. But if you want to keep the original password, to the best of my knowledge, you'll need to recreate the vault.

    To avoid having to reenter your data, you could export it as a 1pif file from the Export option in the 1Password menu, then delete the data, make the new vault, and Import the 1pif file to the new vault. Because the exported file is not encrypted, be sure to be careful with it. I always use the option to securely empty the trash after I'm done with it.

  • littlebobbytables
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    hawkmoth is correct @Ulric‌ the only way to change a hint is to change the Master Password but unfortunately you can't change the Master Password of a secondary vault.

    You don't need to export and then import the data though If you create a new secondary vault you can move everything from the existing secondary vault to the new one with a single command.

    1. Create new secondary vault. For step 4 I'll refer to it as new_vault
    2. Jump back to original secondary vault and select the All Items view that should be at the top of the list in Sidebar
    3. Click on any item in the Item List and use the keyboard shortcut ⌘A to select everything in your vault.
    4. Right click on this selected list and go to Share > new_vault > move

    This will move all your existing items from the existing secondary vault (with the hint you don't want to keep) to the new vault. At that point you can start sharing the new vault and safely delete the old secondary vault which is now redundant.

    Be careful that you move the items to the right vault. If you were to do Share > Primary > move you would have to manually untangle the two. So please make sure you've selected the right vault to move them to.

    If you have any more questions do please ask.

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