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I can't find my license download, I have resent it to my email and it keeps taking me to the download page to download 1 Password 5. I already have it, my trial expired, I just want to add a license that I just spent money on. This is really frustrating!


  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @mateoclay‌

    For 1Password 4/5 you will need to download your licence file from a link in the email and it should look a little like this:

    1Password 5 for Mac

    Name: littlebobbytables


    Register: With 1Password downloaded, click here to automatically add your license


    No link? Link not working? View the complete installation steps.

    Obviously I've stripped out the last two links as those are unique to the licensee. If you're viewing the email from within googlemail at all you may very well find the second URL is stripped out - thank you gmail :\

    The second or third link though should allow you to download your licence file so while we haven't attached the licence file, the information needed to obtain it should be contained within.

    If you're still having troubles post back here and we can look into it more for you.

  • mateoclay
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    Yep it was gmail. Thank you

  • Ben

    Excellent. Thanks for the update!

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