Saved Password Not Working for a Website

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I have a saved password for however it is not giving me the option to fill on the website.


  • Megan
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @2AfH7dE‌

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with 1Password! I'll need a bit more detail to figure out where things are getting tangled:

    • What are the version numbers of 1Password, your browser of choice, and your operating system?
    • How did you save this password? (I've just used these steps to Save a Login Manually, and it seems to behave correctly.)
    • What steps are you taking to fill your Login details on this site? (Please include as many details as possible, including both what you expect to happen, and what actually happens.)

    Once we know a little bit more, we should be able to get things straightened out for you!

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