Share a vault without using dropbox?

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Hello. My husband and I would like to share a password vault via 1password, but unfortunately we do not have the option of using Dropbox as our storage location and are wondering what other options are available to us. All of the 1Password/AgileBits references point to Dropbox as the single solution.
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  • Hi @HCDjang‌,

    Thanks for writing in. Your options for vault sharing without dropbox usually come down to:

    GoogleDrive/OneDrive Etc.. : If you're using Mac only, you could use GoogleDrive or any other Dropbox-alike service via Folder Sync.

    USB Drive : You could setup sync to a USB thumb drive via Folder Sync. Then periodically bring the thumb drive to each others' machines to sync up. Far from ideal, but we've built it to support that. The app will make sure not to try to sync while the drive is not present.

    Local Network Storage : We don't recommend this one, but some people do it. If you have a device like a Time Capsule with network storage, you can setup sync to it via Folder Sync. This usually stops working once the network storage isn't present and the Mac tries to sync.

    Local Network Storage + Other Sync Solution : To work around the fact that the previous solution tends to stop working, you can have 1Password Folder Sync to a local folder on each mac. This way it will always be able to sync locally. But then you can use another sync solution out there to sync a folder between two Macs (there are a few out there).

    Hope this helps.


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