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I know this question has been asked many times and I did search the forum before posting this but I am still a bit confused and would love to have an exact answer to make sure I understand everything correctly.

So we are a family of 5 and I would like for everybody to be able to use it. From what I understood
We have 4 people using macbooks, and an iphone + 2 of them having an ipad.
And the last one decided to be different and has a computer on Windows and a phone running Android.

From what I understood, I could buy the "Mac+Windows" bundle, which mean all of us could use 1Password on our computers ??
What about the iPhones/iPad and the Android phone?

Other thing: where can I check all the apps supported by 1Password?

Thank you very much!


  • Hi there,

    The 1Password for iOS app is sold on a per-Apple ID basis, by Apple (just as with any iOS app). You can find it here:

    The basic version is free, then there is an in-app purchase to unlock the Pro features.

    The Android app is a separate purchase and can be had here:

    And then as you had already figured you'd need the Mac + Windows bundle, which you can buy from our online store. You can find that here:

    You can read more about how our licensing works on our website:


  • maxfyx
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    Thanks Ben for your answer.
    The page on the licenses makes more easy to understand. I hadn't found it, maybe you should make it more obvious to find

  • Thanks for the feedback. We're currently in the process of updating it, so it'll likely be more prominent once it has been updated. :)

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