after getting license 1 password won't fill in any chrome pages

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Used the trial and everthing worked. Paid for the license and now 1P will not fill in on Chrome.


  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @bwoollen‌

    What I can reassure you is we're not doing some sneaky bait and switch so the fact that you've purchased a licence should not be part of the cause at all.

    Can you let us know:

    1. What version of Chrome you're using, especially if you're running a Chrome beta.
    2. What version of the 1Password browser extension you have.
    3. When you say "it will not fill" is the extension responding and that after selecting a Login item it isn't working?
    4. Is it happening with every Login item or just a couple?

    Once we gain a better idea of your environment and the specific issue we'll work to get it all running again :smile:

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