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I don't use iDevices or iCloud or Dropbox - Ever.
I set up my 1Password sync to an external HD (folder sync). Now whenever that HD isn't mounted, I am nattered every few moments that my sync isn't working.
Well good, that's fine but can you only do it once? i.e. It it possible to turn off the constant reminders and only get one, once?


  • plutonite
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    Further reading says doing the above (on a NAS) will cause (unspecified) "problems." As a result I've created a (what should be unneeded) KM macro that watches for the proper drive to be mounted and duplicates the locally saved sync file to it when it is available. It's just too bad that 1Password can't hold its water when a backup drive isn't instantly available. Strike 1!

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    Hi @plutonite‌

    The two cloud sync methods we support, iCloud and Dropbox both behave the same way in one important area - the use some of your local space as a local sync space. When you work with the files you're actually altering the locally stored copy and then the service responsible for keeping things in sync compares that locally stored copy with the server one. What this means is if you use either iCloud or Dropbox then 1Password knows the sync location is always available.

    The Folder Sync works in the same way as Dropbox and so 1Password always expects the sync location to be present. This is why Folder Sync is labelled as for advanced users and why we don't recommend using an external drive or NAS, both may not be available and cause 1Password to complain. Our recommendation is to store the .agilekeychain somewhere on your internal drive and use a 3rd party sync tool such as rsync or ChronoSync to synchronise it with another location.

    If you have synchronisation enabled there are certain conditions which will set off either a reading of the sync data or writing to it; unlocking your vault, switching vaults, adding or changing an item etc. Each time one of these happens 1Password wants to read or write and given both Dropbox and iCloud mean the location is always available this is how it behaves.

    At the moment there isn't a way to turn the notification off, it will appear each time it fails to synchronise and offer you the option of either ignoring the error or resetting Sync and selecting a new location.

    It might change in the future but for the moment this is how it works.

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