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Almost ready to convert over to 1Password. Have been using Roboform for many years, but it just hasn't kept up with the functionality available on current devices (namely finger print reader id). My devices include a PC, several iOS devices and a MAC. I want to share 1Password across all devices.

  1. If a purchase the bundled package from the Agilebits site (which seems to be the least expensive option), will I still be able to do the "in app" purchase of the expanded categories from iTunes?
  2. I understand that if I buy the bundled package from Agilebits that I will have to use Dropbox to sync across platforms, but will I still have the option to sync apple devices through iCloud?
  3. Is there any reason why I would consider buying separate licenses for my PC and Apple devices?

I apologize if these questions have been asked before.


  • hawkmoth
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    One thing to clear up is that the licenses are provided on a per-platform basis, so where you buy your desktop licenses will not affect what happens with the iOS application. You must get that directly from Apple in any case, and the Pro features are provided as an in-app purchase, also from Apple. It doesn't matter whether you buy your Mac license from Apple or AgileBits.

    As you note, the Mac-Windows bundle, which is only available from AgileBits, is the least expensive option for your case. And I see that you are aware that the Windows version can't use iCloud for syncing, since Apple only provides access to iCloud for Apple devices. You have asked if you can use iCloud for syncing among your Apple devices. The answer to that is No, if you buy from AgileBits. Apple has provided access to the required protocols only to applications purchased directly from the iTunes App Store or the Mac App Store.

    If you want to preserve the option to use iCloud among your Apple devices, you should buy the OS X version from Apple. Then, if you also want the Windows version, send your App Store receipt with a message asking for a Windows license to support+licenses@agilebits . com. The staff will arrange to sell you a Windows license at a discounted price to bring your cost to where it would have been if you bought their bundle. In your case, though, you won't be able to keep everything synchronized through iCloud. Your Windows box won't ever be able to use iCloud, unless Apple relents. I think you are going to want to use Dropbox.

  • Megan
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    Hi @BlackSophie‌

    I do apologize that 1Password's licensing seems a bit confusing right now. I hope that Hawkmoth's answer has helped you out, as he's pretty much covered all the bases, as far as I can tell.

    If you do have any further questions, we'd be happy to help!

  • BlackSophie
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    Thanks very much for clearing this up for me. I will buy through the apple store in order to preserve the option of iCloud sync if I ever get rid of the PC (that is, my wife's PC!) Until then Dropbox will work just fine.

  • Great! Thanks for the update.

  • eva p
    eva p
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    I am confused by the pricing as well. When I started looking into the idea of storing everything in a "vault," the whole enterprise made me nervous...I'm just warming up to the idea that it's okay to store all of my information within this application. I purchased the iOS version on my iPad, and downloaded the free trial of the Mac version from Agile Bits, so that I could test the concept and see if I got comfortable with it. I didn't understand that each platform has a separate license, because as a new user it would not even occur to me that it would be different (since the whole point is to have one central vault that works across devices). Now that the free trial has expired, and I think I'm okay with moving forward and adding the rest of my info, I'm finding that I can add new items to the iOS version, even though the Mac version trial has expired. And if I use WiFi sync (I couldn't get any other sync options to work), it adds the new items to the Mac version. Is it okay to use it like this? Or do I need to buy the desktop license?

  • RichardPayne
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    @eva p‌ It's ok to use it like that as far as I'm aware, but bear in mind you won't be able to edit your data on the Mac trial.

  • Megan
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    Hi @eva p

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts here!

    I didn't understand that each platform has a separate license, because as a new user it would not even occur to me that it would be different (since the whole point is to have one central vault that works across devices).

    I do apologize that this was a bit confusing for you. Because we have 1Password available on so many platforms, we offer 1Password separately on each platform to ensure that you don't have to pay for versions of the software that you don't use.

    Clearly as a member of the AgileBits team, I'm a little bit biased here ... but I do think it is worth it to snag a license for the Mac version.

    One of the most convenient features of the app is the browser extension. We've made item creation and editing a lot simpler on iOS with the 5.2 update, but it's not nearly as simple as having 1Password pop up and ask to save a new Login after you type your username and password into a new site. Now, I'm not sure how you use your computer and iOS devices, but I find I'm most often signing up for new accounts using my laptop. It seems a bit inconvenient to create a 1Password entry on my iPad and ensure that it syncs to my computer before I can finish logging in to the site I'm viewing. Maybe that's just me. :)

    We generally recommend saving Logins via the browser extension as it allows 1Password to learn which fields it needs to fill in on a particular page. When a Login is created by typing the fields into an entry in the app, 1Password has to guess where those fields belong on the website in question. This is fine for standard sites, but might not always work - for example, on sites that have used unconventional naming schemes for their fields, or for sites that require more than the standard username and password combination. Saving a Login using the browser extension gives 1Password a much better idea of the site's requirements and ensures better filling.

    (I couldn't get any other sync options to work)

    Please let us know which sync you would like to use, and we'd be happy to help get that set up for you!

  • jabinthai
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    I have a variation on this topic. I already have a Mac license and want to add a windows license. When I put my license code in to see my upgrade options it gives me three choices: a mac+windows bundle, a windows only for $10 less, and Vault. If I get the windows only, is it adding a windows license to my Mac, or changing it from Mac to windows? I am not sure because I am not sure what a Mac+Windows upgrade will do, give me two Mac license, and one windows, or just add the windows to my existing Mac? Then why $10 more than windows only...? Thanks for any insight.

  • and Vault

    Knox? Knox is a separate product, but we show it on the upgrade page as we want to offer our 1Password customers Knox at a discount.

    In all cases the new license is an addition to your existing license (we don't remove the existing license).

    I hope that helps clarify.

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