Syncing issues between mac and pc platforms for a client

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I have a client currently on 1Password V3. The husband, John, keeps the 1Password sync on his dropbox account. His financial assistant, who lives in a different state, is signed into John's dropbox and 1 Password Sync's perfectly. However, John's wife, Mary Ellen, uses dropbox for her finance company. (Thus she is logged into a different dropbox account) Because her company is an investment firm, she can't allow anyone to access that Dropbox account. So in order to get the updates that John and his assistant make in 1Password, Mary Ellen either has to logout of her dropbox account and login to John's account to sync, or the 1Password file has to be emailed to Mary Ellen and replace the old copy physically on her MacBook Pro. To complicate this even more, Mary Ellen, is using a Mac, iPad, & iPhone. John and his assistant use PC's, thou John has a iPhone as well. Mary Ellen is not very computer savvy and she would not be able to switch dropbox accounts easily on all her devices in order to sync.

So my question is simply, is there a way to make all the devices work? If not we will have to look into using a different company's product. Please help.


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