Crashing during sync on Intel devices

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We are currently aware of an issue that is causing 1Password 4 to crash on certain devices during sync. From the crash reports that we have received and from our internal testing, we have identified some commonalities between the devices that are crashing. Here is what we have determined so far:

  • the issue seems to be specific to Android devices running on Intel processors
  • the crashes repeatably occur during the sync process
  • the crashes do not necessarily occur during a specific step in the sync process
  • memory constraints appear to be a factor as only devices with lower per-app memory limits seem to be affected
  • minor architectural changes to our sync code decrease the frequency of crashes but do not eliminate them

Unfortunately, at this point we do not have an immediate solution to this issue. It isn't yet clear why this issue is specific to Intel processors. There are two avenues that we are currently pursuing:

  • working with Google to identify whether this issue is inherent to Android on Intel
  • identifying a workaround we can build which would be specific to Intel devices

As there is no guarantee that either of these will lead to a quick solution, we appreciate your patience as we continue to look into this issue.


  • Some of the devices that are affected by this issue include:

    • ASUS MeMO Pad 7
    • Lenovo YOGA Tablet Pro/Yoga Tablet 2
    • Dell Venue 8
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    After thorough investigation, we were able to identify the reason behind the crash. We resolved this issue in version 4.2.1! :) Intel powered devices should be able to sync now. Please update to the latest version of 1Password from the Play Store.

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