Can't get 1Password on Android to sync with my mac.

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I have 1 password on my mac. Have a new Android phone. I am being told something about using drop box which I have down loaded but continue to get an error message "Vault not Found A 1password vault wan't found in this folder. Please check that you have the correct location"
No idea what this means.


  • peri

    Thanks for contacting us with your problem. The error indicates that the path to the data folder (.agilekeychain) you originally set up 1Password 4 with does not exist anymore. Can you confirm if you moved your 1Password data folder to a different location recently?

    1Password 4 for Android allows you to select your data folder from any path, but once you have selected the path, it does not allow you to change it without resetting the application. So if you decide to move your 1Password data folder to a different location after setting up 1Password for Android, you will need to reset all of 1Password's settings to set the new data location. This is the only way to set the new path at the moment.

    If this is your current situation, and you are interested in selecting the new location in 1Password, here's what you will need to do. This will remove all of your data on your Android device, so please make sure to securely copy any new items you added on Android that have not synced over.

        1. Go into your device Settings > Apps > 1Password and tap "Clear data"

    You can now launch 1Password on your Android device and set up the new location.

    I hope I was able to help! If you need any further assistance, please feel free to let us know. Thanks and have a great day!

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