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I am using Lastpass since many years. Several articles made me think to change to 1password, which I am trying to do.

  1. your design and UI ist better
  2. data transfer from Lastpass is terrible - I spent 2 hours installing languages and reading instructions - result is poor
  3. I bought several products and had problems with the centralized iCloud storage of data - error messages and not working etc
  4. Now I realize that you product is not localized !
  5. There is no German language file
  6. There is no two-way authentication!
  7. Input of passwords ist not automatic, once to surf to a registered site!
  8. Are you kidding?
  9. Your repeated apologizes for a half product in the forum are a joke
  10. Are you really charging international customers far more then competition without having localized versions?
  11. Unbelieveble?
  12. I spent so much time and money for a joke.


  • thightower
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    From a user (non staff) :

    1. I agree.
    2. I trust you here. Never used it.
    3. iCloud IMHO has issues with database syncing. I suspect thats why the staff here have gone with iCloudKit syncing. Which is suppose to be better at databases. I am not a developer and I cannot say for sure. I also steadfast use Dropbox.
    4. I know they have been working with a group getting it localized. As for details again I am not sure. I think it goes off the system language. Maybe @Stephen_C can comment on this. I know he has helped with some translation activities.
    5. See 4 above
    6. No there is not. It has been asked for multiple times.
    7. I would not want this. I have multiple logins for the same sites in certain situations. How would I tell it no to log me in ? Instead they have a go and fill feature that will auto log you in when you select that login. This is your best option IMHO.
    8. I'm not sure of your question ?
    9. 1Password is growing by leaps and bounds. I have been here circa 6 maybe 7 years. I can say for certain it is growing and expanding at a fast pace. I have seen the birth of iOS, Windows, Android. Bringing Knox vaults in as an AgileBits product.
    10. 1Password price is based upon the app its price is not geared to the competition. I myself found it a hard pill to swallow all those years ago. But I can tell you. It has been well worth the money I have spent.
    11. Again I am not sure of your question ?
    12. I honestly do not believe this and you are entitled to your opinion (I think maybe its just a matter of adjusting a few things here and there, Making you more comfortable). They have a 30 day money back refund policy which may be of use to you.

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  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @mthorner

    So you have a few points there.


    I may be misunderstanding but in points 4., 5. and 10. you say that 1Password isn't localised. I switched to German as the preferred language and the I was greeted with the following (the image is of 5.1 for reference).

    Languages are not a strong point of mine, I freely admit that but it seems like it copes with German to me. Now if there is something obvious or specific that either we've missed or I'm not understanding from your post please do correct me.

    Factor authentication

    If you're referring to TOTP and working with sites that use this then as of 1Password 5.2 for iOS we can do this. The functionality isn't present on the Mac version just yet but it is present and working on iOS devices.

    If you're referring to 2 factor authentication in regards to securing your 1Password vault then I feel our security guru Jeff Goldberg will do this topic better justice than I so I shall refer you to his post on this, Two Factor or not Two Factor. Of course if you have comments after that please do post.


    All cloud sync methods can have their blips and Apple's sync service is no different. They have worked hard to better iCloud but CloudKit is still very new and there are bugs to iron out. Saying that, many of our users have had no issues with either CloudKit (iCloud Sync) or Dropbox. If you do have an issue with your vault syncing we can work with you to resolve it.

    Automatic filling of passwords.

    Like @thightower I would not want this. I remember many years ago it was shown that this was a security risk and I sat smug in my chair as one of the minority that used a browser that didn't do this (the browser was Opera when it was still innovative). You can use open and fill to open a tab for a specific URL and fill in if you wish and you can do this from both the main application and 1Password mini. I would voice my opposition to such a change though.


    Like thightower, I've never tried to import but we have somebody here on the forums that has assisted a lot of people with navigating the pitfalls of importing from another data format. It sounds like it is no longer required but MrC's Convert to 1Password Utility is well worth viewing if you wish to import.

    Now 1Password isn't for everybody. When I say that I mean each person needs to find a program that fits with them. Some times it can come down to just a personal thing. Everybody is free to try 1Password for a 30 day trial from our site and we do also offer a 30 day refund period if you purchase from us. Given you refer to iCloud it sounds like you purchased 1Password from Apple's stores. I believe Europe-wide they've just increased the period where you can ask for a refund from Apple but you will have to do so through them. The reason is we play no part in the transaction between yourself and Apple. We're not informed that you purchased 1Password, we're given no details at all and we can't process a refund through them on your behalf. We simply submit the software and they handle the rest.

  • Stephen_C
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    Now I realize that you product is not localized !

    There is no German language file

    The localisations are on—but you may need to create an account there to see them. The German translation is complete, so presumably merely awaits incorporation into a release version in due course. However, as @littlebobbytables commented, you'll probably find there's a German version already. (Translations of the 1P iOS & Mac versions have recently been unified so there were probably separate German translations of those versions previously.)

    Localisations are crowd-sourced through the site to which I've linked and there are many active 1P users working on that site.

    I'll comment only on one more of your observations as others have dealt effectively with the points you mention.

    Your repeated apologizes for a half product in the forum are a joke

    If you actually spent time reading these forums properly, and comparing them with other software support forums, I think you'd understand that your comment is ill-judged and inaccurate, Bearing in mind that 95% of forum users need help in one way or another there is bound to be a number of users who appear to have problems. It's the nature and promptness of responses there that for me singles out these forums as exceptionally good.

    By the way, I'm not employed by AgileBits but am merely a volunteer here (and a very contented user of 1P for Mac and 1P for iOS.)


  • prime
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    I am a user and not a moderator or anything. The price was hard a hard pill to swallow, but I am glad I did it. Isn't LastPass $12 a year also? I rather pay upfront, but that's just me. I really don't get why 1Password would need 2 Step Verification because this product is not web-based. Your info is not on their servers and to me, that was a selling point. I guess if you use 1Password on a work computer, then maybe.

  • I think there is some great discussion happening here. I just wanted to add one further point: as has been mentioned, 1Password isn't going to be the ideal product for everybody (it wouldn't make sense to try to make it that, either). But, I do hope, even if someone finds 1Password is not for them, that doesn't mean they give up on password management.

    With the way things are in the world today it simply doesn't work to have only a handful of passwords (or worse: one) that are used everywhere. Each account needs its own strong & unique password. Unless you've been gifted with photographic memory and can memorize 50+ unique passwords and which sites they go to, it is super important to have some sort of password manager... Even if that isn't 1Password.

    I think all the rest of what I would have said has been covered above.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.


    P.S. A spreadsheet doesn't count. That doesn't work either. Neither do sticky notes etc.

  • KevinSayHi
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    Hey @littlebobbytables,

    A friendly reminder: the first and last four digits of your AmEx credit card are exposed in your screenshot. Maybe you're fine with putting them up on the open web, but I'm just pointing it out in case it was an oversight. ;) I'd rather be careful with those digits, given stories like Mat Honan's epic hack.

    (By the way, I happened to stumble upon this post when I was searching for the current state of TOTP support in the Mac version. I have nothing against 1Password; I'm a long time customer and absolutely love it!)

  • MikeT
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    Hi @KevinSayHi,

    First, thanks so much for bringing that up.

    He's not using his private data, he's using the demo vault that have sample data (you can tell by the demo vault icon and its name in the top left of the app in the screenshot).

    In fact, that's why we actually include a demo vault in 1Password, it is just for this purpose. We find it useful to ask users to switch to the demo vault and take a screenshot to show their issues. Not to mention when you want to demo 1Password to friends, you can switch to this demo vault without showing your data.

    You can create the demo vault by opening the main Mac app and go to the File Menu > Create New Demo Vault.

  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @KevinSayHi

    I just wanted to give a big thanks for highlighting that :) As MikeT has explained, I made use of the built-in Demo vault so the data is all fake and none of my real data is at risk but given you weren't aware I do really appreciate your post, it brought a big smile to my face. Just one more example of how our users are great :)

    You mentioned TOTP. As I said in my previous post it's available in the iOS version of 1Password and I forgot to do justice to the Windows version which I believe has it too. I don't have an ETA for TOTP in the Mac version but I can't imagine the developers will want to leave it too long - we can't have Windows crowing it over the Mac version after all :wink:

  • MrC
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    I didn't follow-up here to the negative comment on importing, as I believed this to be a troll post, used for negative feedback in search results. There seems to be a rash of these of late. Let's see if the OP re-engages constructively.

  • KevinSayHi
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    @MikeT @littlebobbytables Uh yeah, now that you mentioned, I see Appleseed everywhere ;)

    Speaking of TOTP,

    we can't have Windows crowing it over the Mac version after all

    Exactly my thought.

  • Megan
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    Hi @KevinSayHi,

    I'll be sure to let our Mac team know you're excited to see TOTP available on Mac just as soon as possible. :)

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