No support for "dead key" accented characters in login box

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To type accented characters on the U.S. English keyboard a "dead key" sequence (e.g., option+u+e=ë) is used.

While 1Password lets you enter a "dead key" accented character when creating or changing a password, good luck entering your accented password when trying to log in. I had to open up the Stickies app, type in my password, copy, and paste it in.

This is cumbersome and it warrants fixing. At least warn the user when creating a password with "dead key" accented characters. If you couldn't copy & paste you'd be locked out of your vault.

Please fix this.



  • MikeT
    edited February 2015

    Hi @azabache,

    Thanks for letting us know.

    Right now, we don't recommend using accent characters in the master password because there is no way to guarantee it will work on other platforms that might encode the accent characters differently. We definitely need to point this out for our users and I'll pass this on to our team.

    For now, you'll need to change your master password to avoid the use of accent characters.

    Also, please avoid entering your master password in any apps beside 1Password, you risk exposing it in clear view that can be used to get into your 1Password database. Since you did this, I'd strongly recommend changing your master password as soon as possible.

    ref: /OPM-714

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