Loss of data on Mac, but displays license

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I have 1Password on my Air and my iphone. The Air has suddenly lost all of it's 1Password data and I am presented with a screen to start or find existing data, which it is unable to do. I have no 1Password info anywhere on my HD. I still have everything on my iphone. Not sure how to rectify the situation. Of note, when I click on the 1Password icon on my Air, I can still see my license information and product registration. What happened and how to I fix this?
Thank you in advance.


  • Stephen_C
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    We need a little more information in order to help, please. Please tell us:

    1. the version of 1P you are using on your Mac (go to 1P > About 1Password and tell us exactly what it says there);
    2. the version of 1P you are using on your iPhone (go to the 1P Settings screen and look towards the bottom of that screen for the version number);
    3. how you sync 1P data between your Mac & your iPhone.


  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @mjmorinmd

    If you're being presented with the welcome screen one more it sounds like all of your support files for 1Password have been removed. The precise location of them is dependent on whether you purchased it directly from us or from Apple's Mac App Store (MAS). Do you happen to use any app cleaner at all?

    To best assist you we will need all the version numbers of Stephen_C has requested as well as how you were originally syncing. After that we should be able to get everything back to the way it was.

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