My $ 0.02 about 4.2b6

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Hello guys,

Yesterday I knew about the beta and the filling feature. That reminds me that I suggested this feature last year and is really good to know that you take this seriously! :D

I'd testing the feature with various apps and I noted some issues/suggestions that I'm certain that you will take note:

  • Microsoft (web) login does not work: But I found another thread and know that this will be fixed when possible;
  • Lock on exit: the app already have a configuration to set the time to lock the vault after some time, but the filling feature does not respect it. In general cases that's not a problem, but in initial configuration (when I buy another phone, for example), typing the master password again and again could be anoying;
  • Design: "fill button" position, colors (red/green) and animations;


  • Hey @geovanisouza92! I'm glad to see you already testing out the beta!

    Thanks for the feedback. We'll definitely take this into consideration before the stable version is released. :)

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