Issues with 4.2b7

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first of all: I have Android 4.4.4

  • often I have to insert the master password for the keyboard, but only a moment before I have unlocked the App.
  • The safe key on the keyboard is not working very well. I have to hold the button for some second. Otherwise there is nothing...
  • After the login by keyboard the system can't find the login-key. I see only "Browse logins". Because above I see "No logins found for org.mozilla.firefox". => Yes, I use Firefox, but no I'm not on the Firefox homepage.
  • If I click on "Browse login" I see my entries. But if I search often the safe is closing again and needs my master password again.
  • If it is working (sometimes) there is no automatically login. After finding the correct entry and back on the homepage again: First I have to click to the user field and and then on the automatcally full-fill button, then I have to do the same again with the password field.
  • When the app is not used a longer time and I start it again I have to put my pin into the field. After that I see the turning lock but then the whole App is closing and I am on the desktop again. => I can start the app again and again but everytime the same. => Then the only way is to start the settings of Android => Apps => Search for 1P and force the stop for it.


  • Hi @Philipp, thanks for the feedback!

    We just released an update (4.2b8) yesterday. Could you please install the update and let us know if you're still experiencing any of these issues? Thanks!

  • Philipp
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    Dear Peri,

    In my opinion 4.2B12 is much better. Great!

    Only one thing I do not understand: The point three is not changed. So after the click on the lock and inserting the PIN I see the message No logins found for org.mozilla.firefox and I have to click on browse logins and have to search for the right entry. Is it possible that 1P shows me the right entry instead the browse button?

    Now I have Android 5.0.2 and inside 1P settings for fill out I have activated both points (keyboard and help for handling).

    What does this help for handling exactly do?

  • Hello! :) I addressed your question regarding Firefox and automatic filling in your other forum post.

    Enabling the accessibility option allows the 1Password keyboard to detect login fields in applications and web browsers and perform automatic filling. When login fields are detected, the 1Password icon on the keyboard will glow blue. After tapping on the icon and selecting a login item, 1Password will automatically input your username and password into the correct fields!

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