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New computer. Won't take my master password. Logins are still in dropbox.


  • Drew_AGDrew_AG
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    Hi @RobLyn,

    I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble setting up 1Password on a new Mac!

    To make sure I understand, were you previous using 1Password on a different Mac (or other device)? If so, it sounds like you had been syncing with Dropbox. Are you getting stuck during the setup of 1Password where you choose "I've used 1Password before" and then try to sync your vault from Dropbox? Is that where it won't accept your master password?

    Did you ever change your master password on your other Mac? If so, and if you remember your old master password, try entering that when setting up Dropbox sync.

    If you're still unable to sync with your vault in Dropbox, it will help if you can give us some more details:

    • Do you still have your older Mac with your 1Password data?
    • If so, what version of Mac OS X is on that Mac, and what version of 1Password?
    • What Mac OS X version is on your new Mac, and what version of 1Password?
    • Are you using the web store or Mac App Store version of 1Password?
    • Do you sync your 1Password data with any other computers/devices?
    • Are you able to view your data using the 1PasswordAnywhere feature from Dropbox.com on a web browser?


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