Lost my vault file after factory reset to my Samsung Note 4?

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Hi folks:
I had to reset the Samsung to factory defaults for other reasons and I backed it up fully on Kies before doing this, but after the reset I am unable to see my vault file, can you please help me?


  • peri
    edited February 2015

    Hi @asarvind, thanks for getting in touch with us. I"m sorry to hear you're having trouble restoring your data after resetting your Android. Unfortunately, Kies isn't a supported sync option.

    However, if you originally configured 1Password to sync to local storage, Kies is supposed to back up all of your local data, which means you might be able to restore it. Please check out the following FAQ with instructions for restoring and locating specific folders using Kies:


    It should be restored to the same location it was backed up from. Are you able to locate your .agilekeychain after restoring according to Kies' FAQ?

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