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I have got a problem when syncing my 1Password (Android) with the *.agilekeychain file.
It only gets about 35 entries out of my (about) 200 items.

I have no idea why this doesn't work for me. Does anyone else have the same problem?

Android 5.0
1Password version 4.1.6


  • Kevin29
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    I solved it.

    For those who are interested:
    I use a mac to connect my Android device. For this platform a software from google called "Android File Transfer" is needed to move files between Mac and smartphone.
    I recognised, the problem was exactly this "Android File Transfer" program. (In my case) it couldn't handle to move the *.agilekeychain file probably. Some parts of the *.agilekeychain could be moved, but not the whole file.
    And because I've never got an error from this software I didn't notice it immediately.

  • Hi @Kevin29. Thanks for filling us in.

    I have heard from several users who had trouble transferring their .agilekeychain using the Android File Transfer tool. For some reason, files sometimes end up missing or corrupted.

    In order to copy your vault (.agilekeychain) to your Android, here's what I recommend:

    1. Connect your Android to your Mac with a USB cable
    2. Copy the .agilekeychain entirely into your Android's local storage
    3. Open 1Password on your Android and choose I've used 1Password before
    4. Choose Sync using local storage and locate the .agilekeychain you transferred
    5. Log in with your Master Password.

    That should do the trick! Let us know if you need anything else. Thanks! :)

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