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Feature Request: "Server" record changes.

Tom BoucherTom Boucher
Community Member

A year ago when I did this, there wasn't a server record in 1Password. I saw that today, and decided to try it out and I have a feature request.

One of the things i need to save and back up is SSL Keys and Certificates. In the past I used a Secure Note for this, but after a few servers the notes section gets pretty cluttered. You need a Key, a Cert, a Decrypted Key, and a unified chain. These are all giant walls of text.

I tried creating sections and labels so that I could just cut/paste into the SSL session to create the individual files needed on my server. The problem I ran into is if I created a 'section' the only options i can seem to find are 'label 'and 'new field'. The 'new field' is a 'single line' and I couldn't find a way to change that.

So I changed my label to what I wanted, and then pasted the key text in. It accepted it all, and saved it which worked fine. The problem is unlike a secure note, it messed with the formatting. So my first test I had to edit the cut/paste to clear any blank characters and correct the formatting so that it was in the format needed to be used.

What I'm asking is two fold, first, did I miss something? I don't see anything that would let me change 'label' to 'note'. There is a single 'note' in the server record but I need to paste at least four things in and that'd make a big note that id' have to page up/down through to find the start/stop of each key section.

If I didn't miss something, what I'd like is to be able to add a section, and then a 'note' field under each section, and to be able to rename the 'note' description to whatever I want.

i'm not seeing how to do that in 1Password 5.1 that I'm using.


  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @Tom Boucher,

    I may need your assistance a little as I'm not a big user of SSL keys, not like yourself it seems. I have the one key and how I stored it was by attaching the private key, cert and .p12 files to the item in 1Password and storing the passcode as a field of type password.

    Now it may be there are good reasons why that's not practical which is where you can help us out a bit. I'm happy to create a feature request if need be or make suggestions if I can better understand how you need it to work. Do you need to paste these in or could storing them as files be a solution?

    You are correct that at the moment there is a single Note section per item so that isn't a misunderstanding of how it works.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

  • Tom BoucherTom Boucher
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    edited April 2015

    Sorry for the delay in my reply, I didn't notice the notification / thought I'd get an email and didn't see it until I came back looking for something else :)

    When I get a certificate for a web server/any server I have a multiple step process.

    I have to create a complex password which I do (and save) now in a password, then there is a key generated that is used to decode/encode the certificate.

    Then, after review they give me the certificate. The certificate is a bunch of text surrounded by some headers...looks similar to this (but a lot longer)

    The key is encoded like this:

    `-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----
    Proc-Type: 4,ENCRYPTED
    DEK-Info: AES-256-CBC,60B6B93AC5154CD4D9B699D8868CC602

    -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----`
    Then, after review they give me the certificate. The certificate is a bunch of text surrounded by some headers...looks similar to this (but a lot longer)

    It's encoded like this:


    The formatting is specific, and you can't collapse the lines or anything, so it has to be in that format. What I do is have to cut/paste that wall of text into a text file, one for the key, one for the certificate. I also have to decode & save the key but I only leave that on the server, but I could see where someone might want to keep it in the record as well so a 'encoded key' and 'decoded key' would be saved.

    As a backup, I thought to use the server record to store the key & certificate for it. Since there is only one 'note' though I wanted a way to create multiple pastes of the key and then the certificate. Last time I did this I just created a note for each one, but since the Server record is there I thought it'd be very useful to put it all there.

    Make sense?

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @Tom Boucher,

    Thanks for the clarification! If I understand, being able to have multiple 'notes' fields in an item would allow you to put one certificate/key in each notes field, which would preserve the multi-line formatting. That would help with organization of your data, and make it easier to copy/paste a certificate/key from 1Password to another app. Does that sound about right? If so, we'd be happy to send your request to our developers.

    For now, I wonder if it might be helpful to add each one to an item in 1Password as file attachments, instead of using text fields? For example, you could copy the text of the certificate/key into a text file, save that, and attach that file to the Server item in 1Password.

    I'm not sure if that would be quite as convenient as having multiple notes fields, but perhaps it would be helpful for now?

  • MrCMrC
    Volunteer Moderator
    edited April 2015

    ... or a new field data type, Large Text, which is just a text field but one that allows untouched, multi-line text to be entered.

  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables
    1Password Alumni

    Interesting idea MrC :smile:

    Would Drew_AG's suggestion of files work in the meanwhile @Tom Boucher?

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