Workaround for 1Password on Intel Android (Dell 8 7000)

R Dieudonné
R Dieudonné
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I had similar issues with 1Password on my new Dell 8 7000 device. I had loaded the 1Password Reader which is an older app :

This works fine and maybe bring this app back in the interim as you fix the current problem. I also tried to use the HTML version (1Password Anywhere) but the cut/paste copies 2 extra space for passwords


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    Hey @R Dieudonné! Thanks for the info! :)

    For users that are running a device that's not compatible with 1Password 4, we do recommend continuing to use 1Password Reader. You can download 1Password Reader by following this link below:

    To install 1Password Reader, please ensure installation from Unknown Source is enabled. To enable this option, please follow these instructions below:

    1. Go into Settings > Security on your Android device
    2. Check the box beside "Unknown Sources" to allow installations from apps outside of the Google Play Store

    Let us know if you have any other suggestions!

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