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There doesn't seem to be anyway to logout or change user account on MAC so I need a bit of help!

I've just downloaded to test the app on my mac, and registered with a work email - as we were planning on using this for all the staff here in the office - but I didn't realise you would be locked into one user account on a machine, and that sharing vaults would be such a b*ll ache ( I was presuming it would be something as simple as clicking a vault - clicking share - and selecting a user account to share it with).

So I now need to delete the account from this machine, and setup a new account on my personal account, with which I can then create a separate work vault to share with all the staff. However currently as there is no logout button I'm a bit stuck!

I've deleted the app and installed a new copy, but it still asks for the master login - so appears to still be locked into the first account I created on here - does anyone know how to get round this and start from scratch?

Incase devs are reading, having a login/logout option would be HUGELY useful, and I'm a little baffled as to why there is isn't one!


  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables
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    Hi @marksync,

    There does seem to be a little confusion here.

    To run the trial you don't need to do anything but download the app, there's no registration process for the trial so I suspect you might have registered for the newsletter instead.

    Regarding user accounts, 1Password doesn't have any notion of these, instead we leave that aspect to the operating system. As all of your preferences and locally stored vaults are stored in the users Library folder each OS X user account is completely separate. If you want to share a vault between even two user accounts on a single machine it requires setting up syncing of the vault and sharing it that way.

    As we're now moving into the concept of vaults I'd like to point out a misconception we do see every now and then. A licence to run 1Password is separate from the concept of vaults, much like vaults are independent of user accounts. So you can create and share as many vaults as you like while licences is based on the number of people using 1Password 5. I'm not the optimal person to speak on the topic of business licences so if you have questions there I will ask somebody else to pop in and answer those.

    So on the topic of vaults. In 1Password 4 we introduced the idea of secondary vaults and on Macs and iOS devices the way it works is you have a primary vault and that Master Password will unlock not just the primary but any secondary vaults attached to this user account's profile. Now if you share vaults with others that is based on a per vault basis, so you can share a single secondary with others while your primary vault is just yours and that is what we recommend. If you make the primary vault the one you share then you have to share that Master Password with others and if you do that they can access all vaults in your profile. If your personal vault was a secondary they could access everything but just to stress, only if they had direct access to your user account.

    Now we do have a guide for what we call starting over, where you want to completely delete all the vaults in this user profile. That guide can be found at How do I start over with an empty vault?

    The reason deleting the application didn't have any impact is because when you drag the application to your Trash that's all that is deleted, just the application and all well behaved Mac apps don't write to the /Applications folder. I wouldn't hesitate to delete all of the third party applications I have as I know the support files would still be there once I've re-downloaded the application.

    Now as to sharing a vault with others, your best, almost only options are Dropbox (the easiest and recommended) or Folder Sync (for those that refuse to use cloud based services but there is a distinct element of advanced user here).

    Now you may have plenty more questions after this or feel I've missed what you were asking. Either way please do post if this is the case and we'll do our best to help :smile:

  • rick.heilman42rick.heilman42
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    If I want to share a primary vault with another user account on a single Mac running Mavericks, do I need to install another copy of 1Password while logged into the second user account? Do I need to setup a unique dropbox account for the second user account and then share the primary vault via dropbox?

  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @rick.heilman42,

    As long as you install 1Password in your standard /Applications/ folder then 1Password will be accessible to all user accounts on that machine.

    • If you're a MAS user you're done, the licensing is through your Apple ID.
    • If you're an AWS user then you will have to apply the same licence in both user accounts. Don't worry, the same licence will work, you're not expected to pay again at all. More on this can be found on our How do I add my license to 1Password? page.

    As for syncing. Dropbox has the advantage that you can easily add other machines and even iOS devices to the existing syncing if you want but if you prefer, you could use Folder Sync so the vault never leaves your Mac. As far as Dropbox goes you can either use the same Dropbox account or you can share a Dropbox folder between two user accounts. This is really about user preference as there isn't a right or wrong method here.

    If you need help regarding a certain choice or have further questions please don't hesitate to ask :smile:

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