4.2b14 (and all previous versions) keyboard layout issue

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I know you guys are copping some flak with regards to the updated implementation for password filling on Android using the keyboard. However, I just want to chime in and say I really appreciate that you've looked in to the insecurities of using the clipboard on behalf of users. As a workaround I think the keyboard is the best we can get at the moment.

What would be ideal is if the Android/Google devs would work with companies, such as AgileBits, who create excellent Password Managers to provide a robust/secure Password API that you guys could then tap in to throughout the system. Is this something AgileBits have approached Google about, perhaps with other password manager companies?

Since the implementation of the 1Password keyboard I've seen two main issues. The first has been fixed by adding the hold-space-to-swap-keyboards shortcut, the second is that the layout of the digits/symbols screen isn't quite right. This is the case right up to the most recent beta b14. The spacebar slightly overlaps the character next to it. This is on a HTC One M7 with a 1080x1920 resolution (when in portrait mode). Please see attached screenshot.

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  • Hey @mortstar. Thank you so much for your support of 1Password. We are very happy to hear you’re enjoying the keyboard implementation so far. We have not directly approached the Android team at Google about introducing APIs that will give 1Password a better way to extend our functionalities to other applications, but it’s definitely something we should bring up!

    I’ll pass on your findings with the keyboard layout to our developers. I appreciate the screenshot!

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