Auto Fill not working at

Using latest Yosemite beta 10.10.3, and 1PW 5.1, ! PW stopped auto fill at using Safari and Chrome. Neither browser fills login info.



  • Hi Bill,

    There is some odd behaviour going on with that particular page. Now as I don't have an account there I can't say for sure what to expect with the following suggestion but could you test something for us please. The URL is question is

    Now the oddity is I can fill in the exact same login overlay that 1Password fails on with the URL you supplied. My guess is it relates to the account activation fields in the page being pushed to the background.

    So with the URL I posted above I'm curious as to two aspects.

    1. Does 1Password work any better for filling using that URL?
    2. If it does fill and you log in, does that page take you to the same place that you should reach if you log in from yours?

    Now even if your findings don't bring hope I can say that I've also tested our beta of 1Password 5.3 for Mac which uses a new filling logic. This new logic fills in properly with your URL so one way or another we will get filling working for you.

    I will be curious to what how the current 1Password behaves with that URL though so please do let us know :smile:

  • tgbunzinitgbunzini Junior Member

    Using your link above, I get auto fill and access to my account using both Safari and Chrome.


  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

    Team Member

    Thanks for the update, Bill! I'm glad @littlebobbytables was able to help.

    I tested the login overlay on the homepage using the latest and greatest versions of both the extension and the main app and it filled fine. Once these new versions are release (say a week or two), it would be great if you could try again and let us know how it turns out.


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