Unlocked but still locked

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Opening 1password and have finger on sensor in anticipation of the authentication request. It authenticates and 1password unlocks in the background. However the request stays there. (See screenshot ) If I select cancel the pop up goes but the whole app is greyed out (see second screenshot) and is froze. Home button is unresponsive so can't go back to home screen nor close app. However if I press the lock button and lock my phone the. Unlock my phone then 1password is on screen fully unlocked.

Not a huge problem. But a small annoyance for when I am trigger happy.


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @gandalf1981,

    Our developers are aware of this issue. Thanks for the feedback!

    ref: OPI-2068

    P.S. It appears your device is jailbroken. This is incompatible with some features including iCloud sync, and may lead to general instability.


  • gandalf1981gandalf1981 Junior Member
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    Thanks for the reply and the heads up. I use dropbox as I sync between multiple devices and access from non connected devices using the brilliant browser interface. Will bear your advice in mind though. All running smoothly currently except the small glitch.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thanks for letting us know. Our developers have been working hard to squish this bug, and have reached out to Apple engineering for assistance.

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