Suggestion: Save Generator settings for each login

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I find myself changing passwords frequently (mainly forced expiration at work), For some sites, I like to use more complexity for safety, while for other, a simpler password is used since I have to manually enter it from time to time. More important is the vastly different rules for passwords used on various sites.

What would be great is that instead of the generator settings for length and allowed/required characters being global, if those could be set per login. This way, when you have to update a password in 60 days, 1Password would remember the rules you used last time, and use that to generate a new password.



  • Drew_AG
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    Hi @spencerogden,

    Thank you for the suggestion! I can't promise anything of course, but I can certainly pass your request along to our developers. If you have more feedback or need help with 1Password, please let us know - we're here for you! :)

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