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License ≠ transfer b/t Macs — App Store buying on my new mac was OK, dL'd 1Pass3.8.22 for old, fail

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I tried to put it all in the headline, but I'll be clearer in the body in case I wasn't clear in the headline.

I purchased the newest version of 1Password in the App Store for my new Mac. I then learned that the App Store purchases transfer licenses. With this in mind I tried to install 1Password on my old mac. The O.S. is too old on my old mac for 1Password as it exists in the App Store. Therefore the App Store wouldn't install or 'complete my purchase' for me. I tried to email AgileBits for my 'license' but apparently there is no license for such a purchase.

In other words, how do I transfer my license from a current-version App Store purchase to a past-version of 1Password on my older work-computer mac running 10.7.5?

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    Hi @jay_bee,

    Sorry for any confusion about that! If you bought 1Password for Mac from the Mac App Store, we wouldn't have information about that in our own system. Apple does not share your information with us when you purchase through their store so it would be impossible for us to add it to our records. Also, since apps purchased from the Mac App Store are tied to your Apple ID, they don't require a separate license key.

    However, if you have an older Mac with OS 10.7.5, you'll need to use 1Password 3 on that Mac, which you can download from the "Legacy" section at the bottom of our download site. Because that version is from our web site, it requires a license, and we can help you out with that. Just send us an email at [email protected] and include a copy (or screenshot) of the email receipt you received from Apple when you purchased 1Password, and we can send you a license for 1Password 3. Please also include a link to this discussion so we can "connect the dots".


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