Broken again - code signature could not be verified

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Nice concept. Works some of the time. Currently I get the following nonsense with every login.... including to Agilebits itself:

Web browser is connected but its code signature could not be verified. Filling and other features are disabled until this configuration issues is resolved.

The product is essentially useless. I can keep my logins and passwords in a file.


  • Stephen_C
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    You have missed some really basic information which will enable us to help you. Please tell us:

    1. what version of 1P you are using on your Mac (go to 1P > About 1Password and tell us exactly what it says there);
    2. what browser you are using and the version number of the 1P extension in the browser.

    No doubt you've already checked the knowledge base for the error but just in case you have not please take a look at this knowledge base article which deals with the issue and solutions in depth. If it doesn't help in your case please post again—but include the extra information I've requested.


  • Hi @mlbrn,

    I'm sorry to hear that it's not behaving properly for you. As @Stephen_C mentioned, would it be possible to get the version numbers for the app you're using, as well as the browser and its version numbers? From there we should be able to determine the correct steps to get this resolved.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  • mlbrn
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    Thanks for response. I did open a discussion thread with all OS, browser, 1Password info etc.

  • Drew_AG
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    Hi @mlbrn,

    Thanks! I found the other discussion you opened for this issue with the details. I'll go ahead and close this thread and we'll keep the conversation going in the other one so we don't duplicate efforts or cause confusion between here and there. Someone will get back to you in that other discussion soon, thanks for your patience! :)

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