1Password Keyboard icon does not work properly [v4.2b16]

The little lock icon in the 1Password keyboard isn't working properly for me in the last few betas.

Tapping it does give tactile & visible feedback, but the app doesn't launch.

I'm using a Nexus 5, Android 5.0.1. 1Password 4.2b16 (20150330).


  • I just realized that long-holding the icon does pop up the app, but in certain apps (eg, Google's built-in note app "Keep") the app almost immediately disappears when you do that (along with the keyboard).

    I prefer the short-tap method that previously worked. If long-tap is intentional, it's not very clear that it's intended.

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    Hey @Philippe23. Let's see what's going on here.

    Is the 1Password icon gray or blue when you tap it? If the icon is gray, that indicates that there's no login item associated with the URL. In that case, you'll need to long press on the icon to bring up a list of login items.

    Also, does this happen on several apps and websites, or just for a few specific ones?

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    Grey, even when there is a login item associated with the URL. All apps, all websites.

    The long hold sometimes but not others is totally unintuitive, in my opinion. If 1Password doesn't know there's a log in, it should still pop up so I can find it. (It's pretty horrible about knowing about app ID/URLs anyway. And even the desktop version is often bad at it once a site's login URL changes/isn't the same as it's registration URL.)

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    It looks like you're using Firefox from the screenshot. Firefox is among the browsers we are not able to support automatic login detection in, that's why the icon remains grey. We made a note of this in our sticky post discussing how filling works and which browsers we currently support. You will need to use manual filling for your logins in Firefox.

    With that said, when you go into other applications that require a login, does the 1Password icon glow blue? Can you confirm if you have 1Password Automatic Filling enabled in your Accessibility Settings? You can verify this information by going into 1Password's Settings > Filling.

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    1Password Automatic Filling was disabled.

    With it enabled (as expected) the button remains grey in Firefox. In Opera (as expected) it becomes blue when Automatic Filling is enabled, and grey when it's disabled.

    Sidenote: In Opera, when Automatic filling is enabled, if you quick tap the blue icon: up comes the Enter Master Password 1Password screen. If I press the down arrow to dismiss the keyboard, 1Password crashes out and exits (and I'm back in Opera). With Automatic filling disabled I have to long-press and pressing down to dismiss the keyboard dismisses the Enter Master Password screen, but does not crash.

    I guess this issue is now better summed up as: If in a situation where automatic filling is not available, it is confusing/unintuitive that one needs to long-press the button and that a short-tap does nothing. (To the point that I thought it was broken.)

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    Thanks for the update, @Philippe23. We might reconsider changing the long press on the gray button. I'll forward your feedback to the devs. :)

    At the moment, I'm unable to replicate the crash you're describing in Opera. I'll test it out a bit more, and let you know what I find out. Thanks again!

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