Help please ! Using 1 password on second computer with WiFi Sync !

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Hi eyeryone !
i have problems running 1password on my second computer (Macbook). It runs fine on my Mac and iphone. now i would like to sync over wifi.

Here are the stats:
1. I have already added my license to the program running on the macbook.
2. It runs fine on my iphone (over Wifi Sync)
3. i have activated the wifi server option on the mac, where one password is running well so far and see a code which i am supposed to enter.
i am assuming that i would enter that code on my macbook, correct ?

Now, when starting the program on the macbook i have to choose between new and existing user, but just receive the options dropbox, cloud Wifi Sync etc.

When i choose wifi i just see additional information, but no syncing option and no option to fill in the wifi syncing code, displayed on the mac.
I have read the manuals over and over and can't find what i must be doing wrong.

Please help me out on this one :) !!

Thanks !!!!


  • Drew_AG
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    Hi @InterestedNewbie2015,

    I'm sorry you're having trouble getting 1Password set up on your second Mac!

    Wi-Fi sync is meant to work between a single Mac and one or more iOS devices. It will not work directly between two Macs, which is why you aren't seeing an option to enter the code on your MacBook. Sorry for the confusion about that!

    Although it's possible to use Wi-Fi sync between your iPhone and one Mac, then switch your iPhone to sync via Wi-Fi with the other Mac, we don't recommend it because it requires you to disable & set up Wi-Fi sync again each time you want to switch. Aside from being inconvenient, that has the potential to cause some problems.

    With your setup, a better solution may be to use Dropbox or iCloud sync between your Macs and iPhone. Or if you really want to use Wi-Fi sync, you can keep syncing your iPhone with one Mac via Wi-Fi, and keep the Macs in sync with each other using the Folder sync option with another sync service.

    If you have more questions or need any help with that, please let us know - we're here for you! :)

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