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On Mac 10.8 I have 1Password ver 4.4.2 (App Store purchased) and need to manually copy the database (and any another bits and pieces) to a new OS X 10.10 machine. I can't find it !

Then, on Yosemite I'll upgrade to ver 5, yes ?




  • Stephen_C
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    Probably the easiest way is to use folder sync and a USB stick. (Don't worry about the big warning at the top of that knowledge base article because all you're going to do is to create a one-time copy of your Agile keychain and transfer it to the USB stick. You're not going to be trying to keep the two computers in sync, which is what the warning is all about.)

    If you really want to get into manual nitty gritty take a look at this knowledge base article which tells you where 1P stores its data.

    Yes, certainly you can upgrade to 1P5 when you have Yosemite—and there's no charge for the upgrade from 1P4 to 1P5 so long as you're logged in, on the new machine, with the same Apple ID.

    I hope this helps but if you do need more help please do post again.


  • AGAlumB
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    @Irwin: It looks like you've gotten some good advice here from Stephen_C. Just a couple more options for that might prove useful, depending on your needs:

    1. You can always set up Dropbox Sync for your 1Password data. That way any time you add another device (or install an OS) you can just point 1Password at your vault in Dropbox to get up and running quickly.
    2. You can also just copy the 1Password.agilekeychain over manually (for instance from a Time Machine backup or a different computer).

    If you can any questions, we're here for you! :)

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