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I am in the process of installing 1 password on my iMac and two IOS devices. I am going to synch using iCloud. When I am happy that all is well is it a good idea to delete my passwords for the Keychain on my Mac?
Also can I use the same master password on my mac and IOS devices?

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    You certainly can use the same master password on Mac and iOS. In fact when synching is going properly, this is expected behaviour.

    Your keychain contains data that 1PW does not. For instance, passwords for your wifi network and for email. These can also be stored in 1PW, but in the keychain they are used automatically whereas in 1PW they would need to be manually copied each time they are used.

    Basically, the logins in 1PW are for sites reached by your browser. Once you are happy with them in 1PW, they can be deleted from your keychain if you wish. You should also set your browser not to store passwords.

    If you want to use iCloud sync rather than Dropbox sync, make sure you buy the Mac version from the App Store. Due to restrictions by Apple, the version Agile sell directly does not permit iCloud sync.

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    Hi @PortugalGS,

    I'd say danco has covered a lot there :smile: If you have any more questions do please ask.

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