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Everything was fine. I use Dropbox to share across one Mac (with two users), a Macbook Pro, and two IOS devices. Then my wife (Mac user #2) was asked to join a different dropbox to share files with her church music team. Several annoyances with giving up that sharing option but the worst one was that I completely forgot I was sharing the 1Password database via dropbox as well. Short of telling the church that we can't work with them, is there another solution? The iCloud solution won't work because my wife doesn't share my iCloud account; I really don't like the WiFi method due to the need to open apps simultaneously to sync (plus my main mac is wired directly to the router so WiFi is disabled, and I want to keep it that way); the folder option won't work with my mobile devices.

Is there any way to combine the folder option (I have a common folder on the Mac for both users) with either the iCloud or the Dropbox option that will keep them all in sync?


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    Hi @RossDillon,

    So the situation is everything was fine until your wife was being pushed towards using a different Dropbox account. That messed up how you were sharing your vault between the two user accounts on your Mac and at a guess maybe one of the iOS devices?

    The first suggestion that springs to mind is if your wife or the church would be able to share the required folders between their Dropbox account and yours. That way your wife could continue using your shared Dropbox account while not having to do anything special to keep her church files synced with others.

    Here is a link to one of Dropbox's KB articles, How do I share folders with other people?. If that is acceptable it would seem the path of least resistance, at least based on my understanding at the moment. If that's not possible do let us know.

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