1Password version 4.2 blank keyboard name

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I just got the notification to download the new 4.2 Android version and noticed when I was enabling the new keyboard under language and input that the keyboard name is blank. I have attached a screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yspg1cd6sdbilru/Screenshot_2015-04-07-12-16-03.png?dl=0

I am running 1Password for Android 4.2 and Android version 4.3


  • Hey @Nickolas! Thanks for bringing this up with us. I'm really sorry the 1Password keyboard is showing up with a blank name in the Settings app. So far, I am not able to reproduce this on my devices including my Nexus 7 running Android 4.3. Could you send us a diagnostic report from your Android device? It will really help us get a better understanding of your Android environment and device settings. Please follow these instructions to create the report and we will take a look into it. Thanks!

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    Another question: When you are switching keyboards, does the name also show up as blank in the keyboard chooser dialog? It can be displayed by going into the Settings app > Language & input > Current keyboard or by long pressing the space-bar.

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    It appears fine in the keyboard chooser dialog. I have now sent the report.

  • Thanks Nickolas!

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