Android 4.2 keyboard layout issue

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I noticed with 1Password for Android version 4.2 that the new keyboard has a layout issue. If you take a look at the screenshot you will notice that the space key overlaps onto the underscore key.


  • We are aware of this layout issue with the spacebar and our developers will be looking into resolving it. Thanks for bringing this up. :)

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    I have been using 1Password since March, 2009 on my macs, iPod and iPad. I even bought a copy for my mother years ago and taught her how to use it, she is 81. I added this preface to my comments because they may sound harsh. I'm a longtime user/fan with a new Android phone.

    Besides the issue pointed out by Nickolas, can the 1Password Android keyboard be improved to be more like the default keyboard. Maybe this varies a bit from device to device but the 1Password keyboard is nothing like my Samsung keyboard. It doesn't pop up suggested/corrected words above the keyboard which is a huge time saver for long words. I can't press and hold a "key" to pop up other characters, numbers or symbols like iOS and Samsung keyboards. The 1Password keyboard does not auto cap the first letter of a sentence or add a period at the end of a sentence if I double space. I really can't believe it doesn't do either of those last two, people expect this functionality. The appearance could be improved, way too bland. There are a bunch of letters, characters and symbols floating in space with no "button" borders. I realize it isn't necessary for functionality but I don't want to look at this keyboard longer than I must.

    I can't leave this keyboard as the default on my device because of the lacking functionality. I'll have to set it as default to access a site and then switch back, this is not ideal. On my device that requires 2 down swipes, then a tap on the settings icon, then scroll down to System/Language and Input, tap on that icon, then a tap on Default, tap to choose the keyboard, tap the Android back button twice. That is just to select the 1Password keyboard to login and then repeat the process to select the Samsung keyboard. Honestly it is just as easy if not easier to switch to the 1Password app, find the login from my list, copy the password, then return to Chrome and paste. I've been reading a lot about LastPass and I'm going to try it to see how they integrate with Chrome.

  • peri
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    Hi @bridaw. Thanks for joining us in the forums. :)

    We appreciate your feedback regarding our new custom keyboard. This is a pretty new implementation for us, so we're still working out some kinks. In fact, we do have several open issues regarding many of the features you mentioned. We would love to be able to offer those features in our custom keyboard, to make it easier to use. I'll add your vote for these.

    In the meantime, we've added a shortcut, so that you can more quickly and easily switch between our custom keyboard and your preferred keyboard. Just tap and hold the spacebar on our custom keyboard and your input options will pop up, allowing you an easier transition.

    Out of curiosity, what device are you using? Many Android devices have a keyboard softkey to make switching input methods easier. Usually there will be a little keyboard icon in the top left or bottom right corner when the keyboard is active. If your device has that softkey, that plus the spacebar shortcut should save you some trouble. On Samsung devices. the softkey will be in the top left corner, and will swipe down to your input options.

    One of the best benefits of the custom keyboard that I'd like to point out, is that it totally avoids the clipboard. On Android especially, the clipboard is not a secure place to store data. It's vulnerable to sniffing, and its contents are accessible to all other installed apps on the device. This is one of the main reasons behind why we went with our in-app filling implementation in the first place--we will not automate copying user data to the clipboard.

    That said, we definitely believe that ultimately, you need to choose the password manager that best suits your needs. We understand that customers have different needs they want met, and we can't possibly meet all of them all the time. When it comes to convenience versus security, we'll always choose security.

    We would definitely hate to see you go, but please make sure to keep posted for updates from us. Hopefully, we'll be able to integrate some of the features you've suggested in the future. Thanks again for your thoughtful feedback and let us know if you have any other questions or comments! :)

  • bridaw
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    I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Avant SM-G386T running Android 4.4.2. I don't see a softkey with the Samsung keyboard for switching, that certainly would be much easier! I've checked the Language and Input prefs for the keyboard and don't see any way to enable the softkey. It is an entry model smart phone so maybe it just lacks that feature. I think I will download and try the Google keyboard just to see how it functions.

    I understand not using the clipboard in your design. I am doing it to balance usability with security. I really don't want to switch password managers. I might try the competition just to validate I am currently using the best software available. I've read many reviews comparing the two and I haven't read anything that makes me want to switch. Now I know there is a solution to my problem in the form of a keyboard softkey. I just might need to upgrade this phone sooner than I realized. It is my first smartphone and $150 was a steal.

    This is off topic but not worth starting a new thread. Are there any plans to support Google Drive for Syncing? Now that you are supporting Android it really makes sense to offer support for Google Drive. I'm now using Google to sync my contacts, calendars and music instead of iCloud and Chrome keeps my bookmarks synced. This allows my Android phone to fit seamlessly in my Apple household once I made some changes to iCal and Contacts on my macs. Most apps on Android sync using both Google Drive and Drop Box. I don't want to become too dependent on Drop Box because of their price structure when I have 15GB free with Google Drive.

    Thanks for your explanation about the keyboard switching. I wasn't even aware I was lacking that feature on the Avant.

  • Hmm...let's see. While I don't have a Galaxy Avant to test on myself, I do have a Galaxy S2 and a Galaxy S5, and both have the keyboard softkey visible in the notification bar whenever I'm in a text entering screen.

    I was able to find this user guide on the Avant, which might be able to help out out with that shortcut.

    I hope that helps! Also, with cell prices being what they are these days, I wholeheartedly agree with you that $150 is a steal. :)

    Google Drive support is something we receive many requests for (you probably won't be surprised to hear). We can't make any promises at the moment as to if and when we might add support for it, but it is indeed something we're seriously considering. I'll go ahead and add your vote.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

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