For the "Identities" category - can you add more fields (lines, basically) to the address field?


I have several "identities" I routinely use (makes me feel like James Bond saying that.)

The address field only seems to allow two lines, but I have addresses that are more complicated, such as when you are having something mailed to you C/O someone else. That really needs its own separate line. Is there a way to add more lines?


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    Hi @kda,

    I believe all the stock fields that are used form filling in web pages have special programmatic logic within 1Password itself. Users cannot simply add new fields, or modify the existing ones, since the backend code won't know what to do with the data.

    The best you can do is add additional fields to additional sections, or within Notes, and copy/paste that data when necessary.

  • I'm not sure this is right. Most webpages allow more lines than this.

    Many people have addresses that require more lines. The current setup only allows one address line, and then a city, state, and zip.

    God help anyone who lives in an apartment - the apartment number is supposed to be on it's own line, not on the same line as the street address of the apartment community. Same with businesses which are located as suites within office buildings and office parks.

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    Hi @kda,

    I don't think we're disagreeing. Rather, I was trying to indicate that what you (and I) want is non-trivial to implement. My experience is that there is no standard or uniformity in, for example, how websites support address variations in input forms (some provide two lines for the street/unit #, some only one; some support the 5-4 number variant of zip codes, others only the 5).

    More to your request, 1Password has to know what to do with those custom fields you want entered, or those additional lines, and since websites vary greatly, stuffing the data into the form is non-trivial or even ambiguous.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @kda,

    MrC is correct here. The default fields provided in the Identity's address fields are the ones that will be filled in on websites. Custom fields are a way to organize extra information, but it is complicated to use these fields for filling. Particularly because websites are all designed uniquely (and sometimes rather inexplicably). For example, a field may be titled 'Address, line 2', but it may be labelled within the html as 'address2' (or something much more obscure). We use the labels to identify what gets filled where ... so users would need to be able to find the proper labels within the site's code in order to get these fields to fill.

    However, you're definitely correct, an 'Address 2' field would be really handy, and we've heard from many users requesting such a feature. I've added your thoughts to the existing request in our internal issue tracker - thanks for the feedback!

    ref: OPM-1053

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