Need a tool to clean up partial duplicate pieces of notes

David Gustavson
David Gustavson
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Somehow over a hundred of my Secure Notes have gotten internally duplicated, so there is a block of text then a === then an almost identical copy of the block of text (often it is actually identical).
The trouble with just leaving this mess is, when I look for info I may find the obsolete version within the note rather than the valid information.
I remember some months ago searching for all the notes with === and manually splitting them into pieces and comparing them, merging the best info into one copy, and then saving that as the whole note.
That is extremely time consuming, and especially because it obviously is something that keep happening so this will have to be done from time to time, we need a tool to make this problem tolerable.
The tool should read a note, divide it into the multiple sections remarked by ===, then display the sections side by side with differences highlighted, and provide a way to choose the correct info (assuming one can actually figure that out! I wish there were dates associated with these duplicates!)

Does anyone know of such a tool?
Surely agileBits has something, since this seems to be a universal problem...
If not, how about making one for us?

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  • Megan
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    Hi @David Gustavson ,

    I'm so sorry that you've been having trouble with duplicated Secure Notes! At this time, we don't have a tool to automatically resolve those duplicates.

    This was a bug that our developers managed to squash in an earlier update to 1Password, so the good news is that this shouldn't be happening any more!

    I'm sorry I don't have a better answer for you here, but I hope this helps.

    ref: OPI_1065

  • MrC
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    I'm considering creating a 1PIF importer for convert_to_1p4, to facilitate those who want to print their entries. I could add a de-dup feature for the Notes section. It wouldn't be able to prompt you for which version you want, but could automatically strip the duped notes contents, leaving you with a smaller job.

    Ideally, the Help > Tools > Optimize Database function would do this.

  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @David Gustavson,

    As @Megan has already covered, if you're running the latest version of 1Password for Mac and iOS (currently 5.3 for both) then at least this should be the last time you have to deal with this. I can imagine it's no easy task, especially if you have a number of Secure Notes.

    I don't know if it's of any use or not but TextWrangler (also available in MAS) has a nice document comparison feature. You could paste each version into it's own document and then compare the two. I think this will meet many of your requirements without having to wait for a potential fix from us. It isn't as automated but might allow you to get your vault back on track a lot faster.

    Sorry for the Secure Notes mess :(

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