Clicking url in browsers 1Password Mini opens url in default browser instead of current

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Safari is my default browser but I use chrome half of the time. If I open the 1P mini in chrome, search for a login and click the url for that login, the url opens for Safari and not in Chrome. I've tried all settings "open in current tab, new tab" etc but no matter what it opens safari. is there a way to open urls in the current browser?


  • Stephen_C
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    You cannot currently do this in 1P. Others have mentioned a similar wish and some have mentioned Choosy as a solution. As I tend to use only one browser I have no experience of Choosy and mention it only because others have referred to it as a possible solution to your problem.


  • littlebobbytables
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    As Stephen_C has stated, if you use our open and fill feature it will only use the system's default browser. If you use our Fill Login on current web page feature (the ⌘\ keyboard shortcut) that will work but as you can surmise, it does require the page to already be open in Chrome. I too haven't tried Choosy as I'm also a one browser person. The only other option isn't very elegant at all but as you've seen, clicking on a URL uses the default open and fill option but if you click on the little down carat you can click on copy instead. This will then allow you to paste the address into an empty tab in Chrome. To highlight this here is a screenshot of what I'm referring to.

    That's available both in 1Password mini and the main 1Password window. It isn't a great solution to your issue at all but it exists now while I couldn't speculate on the possibility of improved handling of multiple browsers in a future version of 1Password. Sorry we don't have a better solution at the moment.

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