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Fill one-time-password on login sites?

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I've set up one-time-passwords/2-factor auth on some of my accounts in 1Password, and it generates the codes fine, but doesn't auto-fill the values into login forms. Is there a way to make it do this?


  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables
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    Hi @cmurtaugh,

    That would certainly make sense wouldn't it :wink: The fact is we have to hold our heads in a little shame and report that while we've now got TOTP support in three of the major platforms; Mac, iOS & Windows, the extension needs to catch up. My understanding is this is considered very important and a definite omission. Now despite my strong words there I can't say when we can expect this to be resolved as we don't comment on release schedules etc.

    So sadly, for the moment the easiest option is to copy the code and paste - not ideal we know but we are working on this.

    ref: OPX-758

  • cmurtaughcmurtaugh
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    Great -- glad to know that it's on the way!

  • MeganMegan
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    Hi @cmurtaugh ,

    Thanks for your patience as we work to make 1Password even more awesome and efficient. ;)

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