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Long-time user of 1P on Mac and iOS and recently switched to Android.

I've come to rely heavily on 1P and have always enjoyed the simplicity and functionally of the app.

Unfortunately I came across a couple of surprises/dissappointments when using 1P on Android. Please +1 these on you feature request tracker.

Things i miss dearly:
1- WiFi Sync w/Mac
2- Rolodex-style Alphabetic list shortcuts.

Things I'd like to see aadded:

  • Folders and nesting within Secure Notes
  • Some form of Richtext support

Thanks all, please keep up the good work in getting improvements out the door and into customer hands!



  • Hey @hbombs. Thanks for being a long-time 1Password supporter, and welcome to the forums!

    We appreciate your feedback with regards to our Android app. :) WiFi sync support is one of our most often requested features, and our developers are considering implementing this in the future. I'll definitely add your vote for that.

    With regards to the alphabetic shortcuts, Android has a fast scroll feature that's slightly different feature than iOS, which we recommend using. I found this nifty video explaining how to use the Android fast scroll feature. Check it out!

    That said, I'll pass along your requests for RTF and folders within secure notes to our developers for their consideration. Great suggestions by the way!

    Let us know if you have any other feedback or suggestions. Thanks again!

  • hbombs
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    Thanks peri. Yes the fast-scroll feature does help - no doubt. It's not a critical necessity but it is a convenience and is available/included in the Lollipop contacts list - at least on my LG.

    My assumption is that it's a matter of calling a control for building the list. Maybe it's not that easy but its definitely nice to have.

    Anyway thanks for the attention.

  • No problem, @hbombs. We appreciate the feedback and I'll pass it along! :)

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