Access to 1password for more than one time

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I'm new in this area. I find out that each time I use 1 password with Android I have to login again and agian. Is there an option to leave 1password 'open' during a time, say x minutes, the same as is usual on the Windows PC?

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Jan Lichtenbelt


  • Hey Jan. If you don't like the behaviour of 1Password locking when sent to the background, there are a couple of options in Settings > Security that will help.

    PIN Code: The PIN Code allows you to create a short numerical passcode to unlock your vault. With this feature enabled, every time you return back to 1Password from the background, you will only be required to enter your PIN code to access your data.

    Lock on Exit: This will keep your vault unlocked when you switch between applications on your device. You can combine this with Automatically Lock timer to indicate when you want 1Password to lock itself due to inactivity within 1Password.

    I hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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