Sync was very slow

yesterday I have done changes on some data inside 1P and also I have deleted my full bin inside 1P on the Mac. (Something between 200 and 250 changes) After that I started my iOS and Android for the sync. On iOS the sync was normal, maybe it need 30 seconds.

But on my Android the sync was very slow. At the first sync I thought the system was stop working correct. Only the icon on the top was turning. After maybe five minutes I forced to stop 1P. After a new start the same again. So at the end the sync was well done, but it needed a half eternity (more or less 10 minutes).

I think it was strange that the sync on iOS was fast and on Android so very slow. Both systems were on the same Wifi network and the data are inside Dropbox.


  • saadsaad

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    The initial sync process can take a little more time depending on the device hardware and software you are using. It also depends on the network speed and the size of your 1Password data folder. To help us better understand your scenario, could you tell us what device model you are using? What is the file size of your 1Password data folder?

    During my own test, I did notice a small delay on my Android device when I was pulling the same data folder as my iOS device. I will point out these details you listed to our development team as we continue to improve our sync algorithm. Thanks!

  • Hello saad,
    today I also had done many changes. Sync was faster. On the screen (when you pull down to menu) I have seen that 1P was working. So (as an example) you see 1P sync number 1, 2, 3,... of 100. Last time it stopped (it freezed) at number 9. Also after minutes there was 9 displayed. So maybe it was a problem of my device. Folder has 12 MB and it is a Moto G 1st generation.

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    Great to hear sync is much faster now. I'll pass on your device information and the size of your data folder to our developers. Thanks again for pointing this out to us and thank you for helping us make 1Password better! :)

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